too early
too long
nostalgia from childhood
decorating gingerbread houses
then a young boy
once more
with you
older with thin hair
and such rough hands
but with you

Porch boards with frost
Hold prints
Of a small animal scurrying
Here and there
Sun warms shingles
Of the house across the way
Vapor catching early light
My cat
With legs tucked beneath him
Eyes closed
Seems so very content

in the rain
birds return to the feeder
swooping down 
then again
to the branches above
in some pattern
i do not yet

a tree shakes its branches
against a backdrop of gray skies
i wonder if it is fearful of winter
to release 
to shed its leaves
but it does not seem concerned
it is so in love with this
this precious moment 
this moment
no worries at all
about when the last cricket
will stop
and the nights stretch longer 
and longer