full moon tonight
it was shining
so intensely
when i got up
sometime in the
early hours
i couldn’t
fall asleep
i thought maybe
i’d make tea
and sit for awhile
watch the day
come in
i see the day
as a sort of tide
it rolls in and
then out and
so few notice
i thought i’d
sit and witness
the exact moment
when it rolled in
for the day
as i did only
once before
we were supposed
to make love
under the full moon
it was a clear sky
in august
nice and warm
a gentle breeze
we thought we’d
wake up
go to the porch
and make love
it would’ve been
the first time
in our relationship
what a perfect
first time
i waited for you
to wake me
we decided on
3 in the morning
but you didn’t arrive
i gave you
the task
i waited
and waited
then the day broke
and our full
moon left us
the tide rolled in
and i
watched it do so